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Employment Type:  Full Time
Employment Period:  Permanent
Salary:  tbc

Bristol, GB

Career Area:  Hinkley Point C

Decommissioning Specialist

Vacancy Overview

EDF Energy’s ambition is to construct and operate a fleet of new nuclear plants in UK, including those at Hinkley Point (HPC) in Somerset and Sizewell (SZC) in Suffolk, as well as supporting development of Bradwell B. The company needs to demonstrate that the organisation, design and management arrangements to support the delivery of this project are suitable and sufficient to ensure the safe and compliant management of its activities. NNB GenCo is working in close collaboration with the supply chain, and with Responsible Designer of EDF in France. This role will be actively engaged in working with the UK supply chain, and with the broader EDF family, but particularly with Liabilities Team in EDF Energy Generation and with the decommissioning specialists in EDF France.

The liabilities estimates determined by the Decommissioning Team, directly impact the annual contribution that the company will make to the Decommissioning Fund. Consequently, it is important to the Company’s profitability that the cost of the decommissioning of the site and the management of spent fuel and wastes, based upon current knowledge, is accurately determined.

The decommissioning team work closely with other teams within the organisation including Design Authority, Operator Engineering, Pre-operations, Project Management and Procurement, providing support in the decommissioning specialist area as necessary. Key interfaces also exist for FDP management arrangements with the Legal and Finance departments.

The Decommissioning Specialist will be responsible for the preparation of the technical studies and liabilities estimates which underpin the DWMP. A good working knowledge of the nuclear industry, with particular reference to the decommissioning of power station plant is essential, and the post holder will be expected to prepare authoritative decommissioning documentation based upon current best practice, using effective production techniques. A good knowledge and understanding of national policy, regulations and guidance is essential for the post.

The post holder will work with Environmental Technical Manager and existing Rad Assessment & Decommissioning Specialist to develop and maintain a good working relationship with the internal and external stakeholders, including the regulators. Significantly, this will include ONR, Environment Agency, the Government and the Directors of the Nuclear Decommissioning Liabilities Fund Company and their technical advisors. The ability to prepare for and successfully engage in a series of rigorous, searching audits of the DWMP and associated liabilities estimates is a key attribute of this post.

The Decommissioning Team will work with the company’s legal and finance departments, and their advisors, to develop and implement the necessary processes and procedures for implementation of the FDP. The Decommissioning Specialist post holder will play an important role in this.

The Decommissioning Team are responsible for the preparation the Decommissioning chapter of the operator’s safety reports, including the Decommissioning chapter of the Pre-Commissioning Safety Reports (PCmSR), the Pre-Operational Safety Report (POSR) and finally the Station Safety Case. The Decommissioning Specialist post holder will have a key role in this work, in which the Decommissioning chapter has many interfaces with other chapters, requiring close liaison with other chapter lead authors and with EDF SA engineering departments in France.

The post holder will provide advice to designers and procurement on the incorporation on decommissioning into the plant design, and obtaining records that decommissioning has been appropriately considered in the design of the plant.

The post is in the personal development pathway range C.

Nature and Scope

As part of Environment Team within NNB GenCo, this position, reporting to the Environmental Technical Manager, will provide technical knowledge, expertise and advice relating to decommissioning and waste management liabilities, and decommissioning safety case management in support of the construction and operation of HPC and SZC. The role will be the primary technical lead of matters relating to decommissioning and include oversight, delivery and support to:

  • the development and maintenance of the decommissioning strategy and LC35 compliance arrangements
  • the preparation of the Decommissioning & Waste Management Plan (DWMP) and the Detailed Decommissioning & Waste Management Plan (DDWMP),
  • the preparation and subsequent management of the associated decommissioning and waste management liabilities estimates and decommissioning schedule,
  • the subsequent reviews and audits by a wide range of stakeholders,
  • technical support to development and operation of Spent Fuel and ILW Waste Transfer Contracts with Government,
  • updates to the HPC Funded Decommissioning Programme (FDP) and support to the development of the SZC FDP
  • the preparation and implementation of the procedures necessary to ensure appropriate management of the company’s legal obligations under the Funded Decommissioning Programme, for compliance with the Energy Act 2008,
  • engagement with the Nuclear Safety & Environmental regulators, Government Departments, the Nuclear Liabilities Fund Company’s Directors, and their advisors,
  • the preparation and development of the decommissioning elements of the safety case commencing with the Pre-Construction Safety Report through to the Operational Safety Case, and
  • to the decommissioning aspects of the SZC Development Consent Order (DCO).


In addition the role will:

  • Act as an Intelligent Customer for the topic of decommissioning,
  • Provide practical advice on how decommissioning in design should be implemented through procurement specifications and design modifications,
  • Provide oversight on the organisation and control of decommissioning records
  • strategic, technical and safety work in the areas of spent fuel and operational radioactive waste management
  • provide limited support to the development of Letters of Compliance for ILW and Spent Fuel storage and the development of the Radioactive Waste Management Case for decommissioning wastes
  • support the preparation of liabilities estimates to include a fully statistical approach to determining the levels of estimating uncertainty and risk to be applied,
  • provide decommissioning support to the processes for obtaining Operational Environmental permits and Euratom Submissions to the European Commission,
  • review and surveillance of contract deliverables including design substantiation reports, contract specifications, manufacturing and installation records
  • Review of design modifications impact on decommissioning.

This role will grow in responsibility as the organisation and project develops, and both HPC & SZC have to be covered.  This position will be responsible for producing company documents and provision of advice to other groups within and outside of the organisation.

The role will be base in Bristol but will require travel to London to support the SZC project.

Principal Accountabilities

  • Provide authoritative technical advice on decommissioning and waste management liabilities matters to all stakeholders.
  • Lead the preparation of the technical studies and cost estimates for the decommissioning of the site and the management of the associated spent fuel and waste management liabilities.
  • Lead the development of the site’s safety case for decommissioning through to the Operational Safety Case.
  • To co-author the DWMP & DDWMP documentation, providing an appropriate level of the detail commensurate with the position in the life cycle of the site, in a concise readable, quality document, addressing stakeholder comments and “lessons learned” on the previous version as appropriate.
  • To prepare for and support the stakeholder review and audit of the DWMP & DDWMP to a successful conclusion.
  • Ensure that all deliverables produced to support the DWMP, DDWMP & Decommissioning Safety Case are timely, accurate and of good quality, with a full auditable trail to source documentation, and basis of cost estimates.
  • Develop, maintain and promulgate knowledge of radioactive waste management, and spent fuel management and decommissioning processes for new nuclear build, providing advice within the directorate and EDF Energy as required

Knowledge, Skills, Qualifications, Experience

Knowledge & Skills


·       Good working knowledge of legislation, policy, regulatory guidance and standards relating to decommissioning and radioactive waste management.

·       Recent working knowledge & experience of decommissioning practices.

·       Good working knowledge and experience of radioactive waste management practices and nuclear safety requirements, engineering, design, safety case and nuclear facility operation.

·       Good working Knowledge and experience in decommissioning planning and implementation.

·       Awareness in the application of BAT and ALARP processes and using appropriate optioneering tools and techniques, such as Multi Attribute Decision Analysis.

·       Experience of regulatory engagement and external stakeholder management.


·       Understanding of the Energy Act 2008 and Funded Decommissioning Programme (FDP) Guidance and resultant operator obligations with regard to decommissioning and waste management planning.

·       Knowledge and experience in the preparation and management of decommissioning plans and associated cost estimates.

·       Knowledge of liabilities management, decommissioning planning and scheduling

Qualifications & Experience


·       Typically degree qualified or equivalent in Physics, Engineering or a related discipline

·       Relevant experience gained working in the nuclear industry.


·       Qualification and/or experience in the use of computer applications such as Primavera P6, MSP, statistical applications such as “Primavera Risk Management” and “@Risk” and Arbortext Editor/Styler.

·       Experience of nuclear power station design / operations / decommissioning would be advantageous.

·       Experience in working with the preparation and delivery of contracts, particularly as a contract manager or in technical support for contracts would be desirable

Job Segment: Engineer, Risk Management, Nuclear Engineering, Nuclear, Procurement, Engineering, Finance, Energy, Operations

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