Diversity and Inclusion

We celebrate their diversities and embrace the value that their differences bring. We believe that a culture of inclusion forms the basis of a truly sustainable business and is vital to shaping a strong and fresh-thinking organisation.

Our four key behaviours

Recruiting from the widest possible pool of talent, we assess every potential employee against our four key behaviours – Integrity, Inclusion, Inspiration and Impact. We make sure that our workforce is a true reflection of our communities and customers. Their unique perspectives not only give us a better understanding of customers from all walks of life, but bring fresh ideas on nuclear safety too. 

Employee networks

Our attitude towards diversity is reinforced by our various employee networks – Women’s Network, LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Supporters Network, Disability and Carers Network, BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) Network, Working Parents’ Network, the Forces Support Network and, our most recent addition, the Young Professionals Network.

These networks provide a platform for employees to share views, tell us what we’re doing well and recommend improvements. This creates a real sense of community and a workforce who feel that their opinions are valued. It also helps us address business challenges and get closer to our goal of becoming a truly inclusive employer. One that encourages inspiration, innovation and employee commitment to a better energy future.

Women are joining our apprenticeships at a record rate

EDF Energy are welcoming more and more women into its apprentice scheme, CEO Simone Rossi told an audience of graduating apprentices and their families.

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International Women’s Day 2018

Insightful interviews with some EDF Energy role models about their career highlights, challenges and what #PressForProgress means to them.

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Pretty Curious

Inspiring a generation of girls to discover the future through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). 

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EDF Energy shines at Pride

EDF Energy, in partnership with Breast Cancer Now, have been showing support for our LGBT+ communities by taking part in four regional Pride events.

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HPC Inspire: Women Into Construction & Engineering

The Women Into Construction and Engineering Initiative is helping young women in Somerset discover opportunities in a career they may have never considered.

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Steps into work

‘Steps into Work’ is an ongoing internship programme co-created by National Star College and EDF Energy.

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Gaining the National Equality Standard

EDF Energy has become the first energy company to be awarded the National Equality Standard.

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Gender Pay Report

To read our Gender Pay Report please use the link below.

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Better business through inclusive leadership

A one-day conference at Cannington Court demonstrated how managers can achieve better business performance through inclusive leadership.

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'Being encouraged to learn more about the people I work with, and transferring that knowledge into something meaningful'

Chris Gummer: Learning and Development Consultant

'Feeling part of a team and the wider business #belonging'

Tracy King: Team Assistant to Senior Managers in Business Services

'Leaders actively demonstrating that differences in style, approach and experience are valued'

Martin Thow: Employee Relations Manager


National Equality Standard

EDF Energy were the first energy company to achieve the National Equality Standard award – the UK’s most comprehensive assessment of diversity and inclusion in business. EDF Energy were recognised for outstanding practice in 21 specific areas, from our mentoring programme to supporting gender diversity at all levels of the company, our employee networks to our support for LGBT+ employees.

Gender European Equality Standard

EDF Energy achieved a level-two rating in a recent Gender European Equality Standard assessment by NGO Aborus. The standard looks at a set of nine criteria including areas such as training and development, career progression and work-life balance. 

Stonewall Top 100

EDF Energy placed in the Stonewall Equality Index Top 100 LGBT employers. We’re always working to become a more inclusive employer for LGBT+ people.

EDF Energy shines through at Pride

Every Summer Pride events take place the length and breadth of the country to celebrate diversity and to continue the journey for full equality for the LGBT community. These events are vibrant, family-orientated and wonderfully emotional celebrations across the diverse spectrum of the LGBT community.