Data & Technology graduate programme

Data & technology will be at the heart of the transition to a low carbon and Smart future energy system and here you’ll get the chance to develop your skills, whilst helping to build this future and enabling us to achieve our ambition to be the best at solving customers’ energy needs.

On this two-year programme you’ll have the opportunity to work across a diverse range of areas while building specialist skills in cutting edge data techniques, software engineering and technologies.

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Our Data and Technology Graduate Scheme has now closed for applications.

What we're looking for

• 2:1 degree or expected (2:2 if you have a postgraduate degree) in any discipline, although STEM or other highly numerate degree preferred

• A passion for data, manipulating and interrogating it to derive meaning and value

• Strong interest in technology and staying abreast of the latest tools and techniques

• Ability to adapt quickly to new challenges and thrive in Agile work environments

• Flexibility to relocate

Where we could take you

At the end of the graduate programme, we’ll help you work out how you want to progress your career within EDF, and you’ll head to that area for your final placement. After a year, you could expect to be operating as a fully-fledged data scientist, or leading pieces of analysis of as a software engineer, designing and developing features from start to finish.

What’s in it for you?

• Starting salary of £30,000

• 25 days’ annual leave

• Pension scheme

• Regular pay reviews

• Annual bonus

• Flexible benefits package

• Wellbeing and support services

• Relocation support for moving between placements and into a new role after the programme.

Data & Technology at EDF

During four six-month rotations across our business, you’ll build your skills in data and software. You’ll be responsible for the full lifecycle of creating high value data products – defining problem statements and determining success criteria and the most appropriate technical solutions. You’ll learn and use technologies like Tableau, Python, Pandas, apply machine learning and AI techniques using scikit-learn or TensorFlow and big data technologies like Hadoop or Spark. In technology, you’ll work on full stack engineering through mobile, web, API and back-office, and will use cloud technologies, Infrastucture-as-code and build automation in a DevOps / DevSecOps culture.

Training, Development and Support

We offer a curated programme designed to expose you to a series of tools and techniques to develop you as a data scientist and/or software engineer, all while gaining exposure and understanding across the energy business. 

Following a week-long induction with graduates from all of our schemes at our state of the art facility at Cannington Court (Somerset), you’ll spend 6 months in four different assignments across our business. 

We place a particular focus on your technical development, with a range of learning interventions ranging from online courses, classroom training and learning on the job, and you’ll have the opportunity gain certifications such as AWS, Python or SQL. In addition, you’ll be given the opportunity to develop additional skills ranging from stakeholder management, leadership skills through to commercial and operational awareness. 

You won’t be on your own during this journey as you’ll have the support of your line manager, a recent graduate buddy and a career manager throughout the scheme. Our Young Professionals (“YP”) Network will also welcome you to their network where they provide an effective platform to learn, lead and connect.  It’s a good opportunity for you to knowledge share with fellow graduates and trainees from our other Early Careers schemes.  The YP Network aims to foster future leaders of EDF.

You’ll also be trained as a STEM Ambassador which will allow you to inspire our future generation of engineers and data scientists at STEM events nationwide.

Your Placements

During your placements you’ll have the opportunity to work in a truly agile and collaborative environment alongside Data Engineers, Data Scientists, DevOps Engineers, Software Engineers, Business Analysts, Architects and Project Managers.
You’ll hone your skills and gain valuable exposure to the following tools, technologies and workflows:

  • Exposure to the full lifecycle from ideation of high value data products to delivery. This will help you to learn to define problem statements, determining success criteria, determining the most appropriate technical approaches to a solution. 
  • Ingesting data, preparing data, wrangling data, building data engineering pipelines and creating and visualising data assets using industry leading technologies such as Tableau, Python, Pandas, Seaborn, R, ggplot, matplotlib etc.
  • Applying suitable machine learning and AI algorithms using SKLearn, TensorFlow, etc
  • Use of trending BigData engineering technologies such as Hadoop and Spark


  • Using AWS cloud platform and technologies
  • Applying CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code, build automation and DevOps/DevSecOps culture
  • Full stack engineering though mobile, web, API and back-office.
  • Opportunity to work on exciting BigData & Machine Learning projects. 
  • Documenting findings and presenting results to subject matter experts and senior stakeholders.


The business areas where you complete your placements could include:

  • Our Wholesale Markets Optimisation team manages the gas and electricity trading for our customers and our generation assets. Here you could be working out how to better forecast customer demand with Smart meter data, optimising the commercial performance of assets, or building models to better understand and manage the market dynamics in a rapidly evolving energy system. You could also be designing and building tools for traders, or building applications to control and optimise small scale renewable or battery assets for our PowerShift platform.
    Our innovation accelerator Blue Lab is where we work on new topics such as connected homes, solar, electric vehicles, blockchain and batteries. There is a Data Acceleration Team where you would gain experience in statistical research, data engineering and analysis, design of new algorithms and the application of statistical programming tools and techniques to large datasets. Or you could work in our product teams to and build innovative web apps, mobile apps and back-end systems to test and trial new concepts and markets.
  • The Data team within Sales & Marketing analyses and models customer data in the residential and business market, enriched with data from other sources. Here you could be performing analysis to understand customer behaviour, using analytics and data science to build models informing commercial activities (like prospecting for new customers or retaining existing customers), building datamarts to allowing hosting and manipulating of diverse data sources, or automating analysis and processes.
    Our Digital team manages the web and app service for our three million residential customers. Here you would be analysing large datasets gathered from digital customer interactions to sense what customers are experiencing and respond by informing improvements to our service and journeys. Or you might work in our channel product teams to understand, solution and build innovative ways for us to interact with our customers across web, mobile, telephony, chat and messaging channels.
  • The Data and Controls team, within Customer Operations, plays a crucial technical role in the production and delivery of data to internal and external stakeholders to drive Customer Operations’ business activities and fulfil regulatory requirements. Here you might be involved in the development of new technical solutions to improve data accuracy and reliability, or in dashboard design and automation projects.

Where you could be based

To get the most from our training during the programme you’ll need to be flexible about your location and prepared to move from one location to another, as assignments rotate you could find yourself at any of our sites across the UK. Our Data and Tech Graduates will be located in the South East, in our offices at Croydon, Crawley and Hove.

Search jobs and apply

Our Data and Technology Graduate Scheme has now closed for applications.