EDF Energy Alumni

Everyone has their own path to follow. But we believe that if you’ve ever worked for EDF Energy, you’ll always have a connection with us and we’ll always have a connection with you. That’s why we established a thriving alumni community that our past teammates can feel good about.

From networking with other alumni to accessing personal-development resources, gaining insight into EDF Energy’s strategic direction to keeping up-to-date with our latest opportunities, joining our alumni community is a great way to stay connected with EDF Energy.

LinkedIn group for former EDF Energy graduates.

LinkedIn group for former EDF Energy employees.

Returning to EDF Energy

Our door is always open. We’ve had a number of employees that have chosen to explore different career opportunities before returning to our team, bringing with them new skills, experiences and a broader perspective to our business.

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Our alumni embraces all those with experience working at EDF Energy, from permanent employees to contractors. Together, the experiences you have deepen the opportunities within the group for knowledge sharing, thought leadership and networking – creating a positive community we can all feel good about.

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Claire's returners story

I worked in IT as a Technical Support Analyst for HR and Payroll. In December 2013, I transferred out of the company with the outsourcing of IT Operations. I had worked at EDF Energy for 10 happy years and was keen to rejoin, so I kept an eye out for vacancies and applied when the right opportunity arised.

Returning to EDF Energy was right for me and my career development. It's great working in a company where we are all striving towards shared goals, where you are made to feel part of a team and provided with support to develop your career.

Dan's returners story

I was a Team Manager in Customer Services for six years. I decided to move on as I felt I needed to broaden my horizons and use my skills in a different environment. It was a great learning experience, but I decided to return to EDF Energy because of the great atmosphere and the friends I had here. Plus there was still so many opportunities for me to develop my career – now, I’m a Business Analyst, in a new business area.