Industrial placements

Around EDF Energy, around the country, there are all kinds of ways to see what it’s like to work here and spend a year contributing to the UK’s sustainable energy future. We have plenty of paid 12-month industrial placements waiting to equip you with practical work experience relevant to your degree and professional skills that will set you up for your career after university.

You might want to learn what it takes to build and operate nuclear power stations. Maybe you’d rather explore the commercial side of managing a business as vast and fast-moving as ours. Whatever your interests now, whatever your plans for the future, prepare to discover a huge amount about our business, the wider energy sector and yourself. 

Nuclear science and engineering

We have all kinds of industrial placement opportunities for science and engineering students keen to get an early insight into the wide range of careers nuclear power generation. Read more through the link below.


Want a year-long introduction to the exciting and ever-changing business of energy? Whatever degree you’re studying, you could well find your ideal industrial placement at EDF Energy. Select placements from the drop-down list below to explore your options.